Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone Needs One!!

Saw the Kindle 3 in person for the first time last night. Do yourself a favor - click the link above (for the the 6" version) or the link below (for the 9.7" version) and buy one today. Right now. Unbelievable difference in contrast and this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES his Kindle 2. The feel, the look, the responsiveness - this is truly the product that is rocking the publishing world!!

UPDATE: I could not wait!! After ordering from Amazon the morning after I saw the Kindle 3 for the first time - they were backordered for 8 to 9 business days (as of last week - now they show "In Stock" again.) - I went out and found it at a local Target. LOVE the new Kindle 3 - much better contrast - faster - smaller - more storage. Great product Amazon!!

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